Fairy Tales for Adults: It’s Time to Outgrow Ayn Rand and ‘Atlas Shrugged’

Like a lot of people, I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged in college, which is probably the worst damned time I could have done so. It was Freshman year, and like everybody else, I was still caught up in the high of being (what we called) free for the first time: Free to skip classes whenever…

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Design Luscinia announces revolutionary word cloud video generation app

Knegsel, Netherlands – Design Luscinia, a trailblazing app development company with a flare for creating revolutionary and practical apps, this week officially announced they will launch their next app product June 5, 2016. Word Dance, a cloud word generator that creates videos of word clouds that morph between shapes, will be available for download on iPhone,…

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